5 ways to Support Non-profits

Did You Know? There are 33 lakh NGOs as per The Central Statistical Institute of India – which means there is 1 NGO for every 400 Indians.

These NGOs engage in a wide range of activities and work towards various social, economic, and environmental causes. They are typically independent of the government and operate based on voluntary participation and contributions.

NGOs in India work towards diverse causes – from education to women empowerment, health to supporting the mentally and physically challenged, environment conservation to disaster relief – with a common goal of supporting the less fortunate and providing them with better opportunities to flourish.

Unfortunately, NGOs’ work is positively highlighted only when there is a disaster or a natural calamity, thanks to the terrific presence they have on the ground, even in the remotest of places. Due to some notorious NGOs who are exposed by the media periodically, there is a huge trust deficit among the donor community and there is a need for transparency in the social sector!

We are here for you! HelpYourNGO (HYNGO) has been set up with the goal of promoting transparency in the social sector and helping donors make donation decisions in an enlightened, strategic, and impactful manner. We have a database of 700 NGOs across 13 causes, 17 UN SDGs and 500+ zip-codes that have been financially and qualitatively assessed.

Here are some ways in which you can support NGOs working towards the cause you are passionate about:

1) Donations: One of the most direct ways to support NGOs is through financial contributions. NGOs rely on donations to fund their programs and operations. You can make a one-time donation (read about hynGO) or set up recurring donations to your selected NGOs and provide ongoing support (read about the Systematic Giving Plan).

2) Volunteer: NGOs often welcome volunteers who can contribute their time and skills and boost the impact of their programs. You can offer your expertise in areas such as teaching, healthcare, event organization, fundraising, or administrative tasks. Offer to conduct training sessions, workshops, or mentorship programs to assist NGOs in capacity-building efforts. This can help them improve their operations and effectiveness. Volunteering can help NGOs expand their reach and improve the outcome of their programs.

3) Fundraise: Organize fundraising events or campaigns on behalf of the NGOs. You can host charity events, marathons, auctions, or online crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for specific projects. Encourage your friends, family, and community to participate and contribute.

4) Donations in-kind: NGOs often require resources such as food, clothing, educational material, medical supplies, or equipment. You can donate these items directly to NGOs or participate in donation drives organized by them.

5) Awareness and Partnerships: Support NGOs by spreading awareness about their work and the issues they address. Use your voice on social media, blogs, or community platforms to raise awareness, educate others, and advocate for the causes supported by the NGOs. You may also identify potential partnership opportunities with companies including your employer. This can involve financial support, employee volunteer programs, or collaborations on specific projects aligned with the NGO’s mission and the company’s values.

HelpYourNGO has made your life easier – We have done the research to build a platform of 700 NGOs from which you can choose reputable NGOs aligned with your values and causes of interest. We will ensure transparency and periodically show how the NGO operates, how funds are utilized, their key programs, outcomes, etc. on the NGO’s profile page.

Having the power to improve the lives of others is a privilege that comes with its own sense of obligation.

Life is busy, and it can sometimes be easy to forget to express gratitude for all that we’ve been given…do it while there’s still time!

Again, there is no right or wrong but as Helen Keller said, ‘Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much’.

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