Support survivors of Turkey-Syria earthquake

(Rescuers carry out a person from the rubble, as the search for survivors continues, in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, in Hatay, Turkey, February 10, 2023; Image credit – Reuters)

Turkey and Syria are still recovering from the aftershocks of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked both countries on Monday. The death toll has passed 21,000 in what is the most powerful earthquake to strike the region in the past century. Rescue teams, working against the clock in the harsh winter weather, are optimistic of finding survivors amid the wreckage of collapsed buildings. Thousands have been injured and many more have been left homeless.

Governments around the world have pledged assistance, deployed search teams and medical squads and offered aid. India, too, has sent relief material and medical teams to the impacted regions.

People across the world are praying for the victims and civilians from different nations are coming forward to help with relief work. Pity! It takes a calamity to unite us.

While donations in kind, especially of basic necessities, can be helpful, monetary contributions are usually preferred by rescue teams in emergencies. Having cash at hand allows relief organizations to meet the requirements in such uncertain times where the needs change constantly.

The aftermath of calamity lingers long after aid from other countries is stopped. Relief is still needed to rebuild infrastructure. There will be volunteer need and monetary support required for many months.

In case you’re looking at ways to help and support the Turkey and Syria earthquake disaster victims, we are sharing below details of some global NGOs that are leading the rescue operations. Your support to them will go a long way in rebuilding these two nations.

  1. Doctors Without Borders – Providing medical help to survivors
  2. Global Giving – Providing immediate need of food, water and shelter
  3. UNICEF – Providing hygiene kits, blankets, and winter clothes
  4. White Helmets – Volunteers on the ground are helping find survivors and transporting them to hospitals
  5. Save The Children – Providing assistance to children who are left without shelter

There are many more organizations working towards disaster relief assistance. We have covered the ones that have the bandwidth and expertise required to carry out rescue operations required for a disaster of such big magnitude.

Note: Donations to above organizations made by Indian citizens will not qualify for tax deduction u/s 80G of The Income Tax Act, 1961 since donations to foreign institutions are exempted from deduction.

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