UN SDG 17: Partnership for the goals

“The Global Goals can only be met if we work together. International investments and support is needed to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade and market access, especially for developing countries. To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative.”

Source: https://www.globalgoals.org/17-partnerships-for-the-goals


HelpYourNGO is a strong believer in Goal 17 – to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. We believe that strong partnerships move the SDGs from commitments to actions. HelpYourNGO was set up to be a platform connecting donors to non-profits. Our intention is to facilitate informed donation decisions by providing access to financial information on NGOs.

The targets under this Goal include mobilizing financial resources for developing countries, knowledge sharing and co-operation for access to science, technology and innovation, enhancing policy coherence for sustainable development and enhancing the global partnership for sustainable development.

In our webinar on ‘Introduction to CSR’, we noted that SDG and Indian CSR regulations were implemented around the same time. We believe that there is tremendous potential to develop a sustainable growth model by aligning CSR projects with SDG-17. While CSR regulation sets a broad framework and gives direction for a more sustainable future, SDGs set tangible, well-defined targets to measure the outcome of activities.

We know that transparency can facilitate more support and contributions to NGOs who are doing good work towards achieving the Goals, but do not receive as much in donations because they lack marketing or fundraising skills. We also understand donors who want to make more responsible choices that are in alignment with the goals and their values.

In Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, we saw how NGO AKAHI collaborated with a corporate donor and local NGO AROEHAN to build sanitation facilities. The project was made possible because of CSR funds. While AKAHI provided the technical expertise, AROEHAN implemented the project as per the developed plan. They focused on leveraging Government resources, ensuring community participation and creation of demand through Behaviour Change Communication. AROEHAN worked to mobilize resources from local government via the Gram Panchayat and Central Government schemes to reduce the dependency on private funds. They ensured that the community had ownership of key activities like community mobilization, house visits and hygiene promotion. The collaboration resulted in the creation of 173 sanitation units during the period. Follow up visits undertaken two years after the project indicated that most of the respondents were regularly using their sanitation facilities, had knowledge of hand-washing practices and upkeep of the latrines. Shiwli village is now 100% Open Defecation Free!

As they say, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!


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Good news! To make life easier for our users and donors, HelpYourNGO has collated a list of verified non-profits working towards UN SDG 17 across rural and urban India. Once you’ve found an NGO you like, click on the ‘Donate Now’ button and fill in the mandatory information, as required by the Income Tax Authorities. Once you have completed your donation, HelpYourNGO will send a confirmation email to you. A donation receipt along with the Sec 80G certificate will be shared within 3 days of the donation being processed. No hassles for you!


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