Evaluate. Then Donate.

HelpYourNGO is a database of 650+ NGOs across 14 UN Sustainable Development Goals, 504 zip-codes, and 13 sectors. The only one of its kind in India that standardizes detailed financial and program information on these 650+ NGOs. The biggest benefit is that you can evaluate the NGOs on if they meet your giving criteria and then make informed decisions on your donations.

There are plenty of compassionate individuals doing yeomen service via NGOs. We give you, as a user of www.HelpYourNGO.com a wide range of NGOs to support across 13 sectors. The NGOs in our network have been financially and qualitatively assessed, beyond statutory fiscal audits using structured and systematic analytical tools.

Money should be invested where it will be most effective, make the largest impact. We offer tools on our website indicating how donations are utilised by the NGOs listed with us. Wouldn’t you like to know how much of the money you donated actually reaches the beneficiaries you intended to support?

For example: What if you knew that NGO A was spending 30% of the money it raised on promotional activities and only 70% was spent on the noble cause that the NGO was set up for? And NGO B, set up for the similar noble cause as NGO A, spent less than 10% of the money it raised on similar activities allowing 90% of what you donate to be used to support the beneficiaries? Which NGO would you like to give your money to? Which NGO would you like to devote your spare time to: NGO A or NGO B?

Our aim through this vigilance with HelpYourNGO is that more information and data will lead to a race towards more transparency.

In addition to being able to select from a wide variety of NGOs that you may wish to donate generously to, we also believe that www.HelpYourNGO.com will encourage the NGOs to shape up. The increased transparency in seeing their financials on our website will motivate the NGOs to become more efficient and utilize their limited resources better. Numbers cannot reflect the human or qualitative element, but questions can be asked. Armed with numbers, a donor can always ask for clarifications.

We hope that www.HelpYourNGO.com will help you find your nirvana and fulfil your vision of making this world a better place by sharing some of what you have with those who don’t but need it!

Write to info@HelpYourNGO.com and our Research Team will help you identify a credible NGO partner to support which meets your unique giving criteria.

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