#Financial Fridays

I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good I can do. Jana Stanfield

#FinancialFridays are here! On Fridays our Research Team will bring you a glimpse of the work and financial information of the 650+ NGOs on our website.

Many young people drop out of the education system because they have to support their families financially, and can’t afford to study full-time. This affects their job and income prospects later in life, creating a vicious cycle that is hard to break. Night schools provide a safety net to those who can’t attend school or college full-time. They provide education to young people who are busy working in the daytime to make ends meet. Students in night school work all day and attend school in the evening.

Masoom was established with an objective to give the best quality education to these night school students. Masoom’s programs aim to improve the education, infrastructure and inputs available to students in night schools. While they support digital learning and other pedagogic interventions, they have also set up a Career Cell to help students access employment after their studies. Many students have managed to not only complete their studies but also access better, higher-paying work opportunities thanks to Masoom’s presence. It’s a testimony to the fact that some people need only a little support to turn their lives around!

Masoom has worked with over 22,000 beneficiaries and 74 night schools so far. The organization spends an average of 89% from its total income on their beneficiaries every year, demonstrating their commitment towards benefiting students.

Masoom’s donors have always supported the idea of helping deserving and motivated students reach their potential. The NGO raised more than ₹10 million for its programs through HelpYourNGO’s Donor & CSR Advisory services over the years.HelpYourNGO’s Research team standardises program and financial information for every NGO on our website. You can read detailed program and financial information about Masoom here: https://www.helpyourngo.com/ngo-details.php?ngo=620&name=Masoom-&ngo_sect_id=new_summary

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