NGOS: End of the Road or a New Beginning? Fireside chat with Noshir Dadrawala and Ajit Dayal

Hear a frank and insightful discussion on the past, present and future of the NGO sector. What was it like to be an NGO thirty years ago? How different is it today? Is the sector getting corporatised (and is that a bad thing?) FCRA, NGO registrations…catch up with everything that’s been going on in the social sector in this talk. Noshir Dadrawala is CEO, Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy. He has worked with over a 1,000 NGOs in the past 30 years, and is known for his legal advice and consulting to non-profits. Ajit Dayal is a well known fund manager with the distinction of managing equity assets on a global basis. He is an advocate for increasing transparency, accountability and integrity in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Watch the entire talk on our YouTube channel by clicking on this link:

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