Lockdown learnings from our students!

“If we are willing to stand fully in our own shoes and never give up on ourselves, then we will be able to put ourselves in the shoes of others and never give up on them.”
– Pema Chödrön

May we never give up on ourselves or each other. May we always see the world from more perspectives than just our own! Our COVID-19 campaign NGO partner Sunbeam shared with us what children in their programs felt in the early days of the lockdown. Their words are at once moving and wise, and show us the challenge and potential of their lives. It’s a mirror for us too. It may feel like a paradox, but we can acknowledge the impact of the difficult times, and keep an eye out for a better future!

Here are the children in their own words*:

*The names of the students are not revealed to protect their identity.

A student from their Vision Class:
Though I don’t feel good at being unable to go out, I know it’s for our own safety. My father goes out to get groceries. I am worried about his safety and that of my family members because in the chawl where I dwell, there are 4 corona victims.
However, since the time the online classes began, I am thoroughly enjoying spending my time fruitfully and studies are going on smoothly.
My father is a mechanic and always used to be very busy at his work. That’s why his presence now at home makes all of us very happy. All of us are spending time together enjoying every day, every hour, every minute, every second. I hope everyone stays in the pink of health.”

A student from Gurukripa Class:

“I had never imagined that a day like this would come when we would all be forced to stay indoors and that for our safety, the police, doctors and nurses – the frontline corona warriors – would have to put their lives to risk. Initially, I took it to be a normal kind of a virus till I realised how many people all over the world had succumbed to it. 
One good thing that seems to have come about is that the pollution all over has lessened. To think of it, even river Ganga has been purified.
With my online classes having begun since April, now I don’t need to spend my time watching movies. I complete all the assignments given by the classes and the school.”

Student N:

“On the 1st day of the lockdown, i.e. on 22nd Mar’20, all of us at home spent the day happily and without any fears of Covid. My mother cooked delicious food for us. But as the days passed by, we got the news of Covid cases in our area and in the neighbourhood buildings. That’s when the gravity of the situation sank in.Many people over the world have lost their jobs. However, my father continues to go to work daily because he works for a company that makes artificial limbs. He daily services the emergency orders of the products placed by the doctors. 
During the lockdown, I have set a timetable for myself and go by that. 2 hours of study followed by two hours of indoor games with my family and at times some games on the mobile as well. I lend a helping hand to my mother in the kitchen besides having learnt all the household chores that I do at regular intervals. With the help of my friends, I also sanitise the entire floor where I stay.”

A student from Sai Class:
I am hopeful that things will improve soon if we stay at home and continue with social distancing, etc. And that a vaccine will come about to change the situation for the better. Yet, it’s a very difficult time for people who can get food only if they can continue to earn their livelihoods. Poor people have to think about what to eat and what not, given the hike in prices.
I am feeling sad and happy at the same time – sad that I can’t go out and have fun as before but happy that for the first time as a family we are spending so much time together. The online classes have begun from 10th April and I’m enjoying them, more so, the live lectures as compared to the recorded lectures. 

My father owns a small shop at Xxx. As you must be aware, it’s a religious place so it’s closed and there seems to be no chances of its reopening in the near future. He tries to stay positive and believes that these hard times too will pass. 

I’d like to end by saying that we need to stay positive and spread this positivity in our neighbourhood. And I sincerely believe that things will get back to normal.

We also sincerely believe that things will get back to normal. A good reminder that staying positive can help us keep going.

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