HelpYourNGO’s 7th Yearbook is here!

HelpYourNGO’s Yearbook is one of the most cherished parts of our work as a platform connecting donors to non-profits. Our Yearbook is read by donors, foundations, corporates, NGOs and individual readers who want to stay updated on the world of NGOs.

We are passionate about showcasing the changes that are occurring on the ground because of the work our NGOs and communities do. It renews a sense of purpose for us and the many, many people who believe change is possible, and continue to work for better health, education, safety and support for those in need. Here’s an excerpt from the Yearbook: “Working in the development sector makes us aware of maintaining a balance between opposites. On the one hand are the daily tragedies, injustices and horrors (often man made!) that are part of people’s lives. On the other hand are the number of people who are willing to put their time, money and effort to remedy a wrong.

It makes us glad to be connected to people in far-flung parts of the country – towns, farms, fields, schools and offices in places you can’t find easily on maps! India lives in the hearts and minds of so many people who come together to work for the safety, prosperity and betterment of those less fortunate.

Read the story of an Open Defecation Free village, and how CSR funds and a strong community helped them hit their goal. Hear the work of an NGO working towards their dream of ‘a world free of child sexual abuse’. Drop in to a day in the life of a balwadi, all in this year’s Yearbook.

As always, we put a lot of focus on presenting the latest standardized financial and program information on NGOs. In this year’s edition, you will find 26 NGO profiles created by our Research team. Look our for the percentage spent on beneficiaries by each NGO, income and beneficiary spend trends and lots more on each page.

Want to get your own copy? Leave us your details on this form: Our team will get in touch with you. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help!

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