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The Make A Wish Foundation is well known world-wide for its success in granting wishes to children with serious illnesses. Ranging from sponsoring vacations to Goa to introducing a Pakistani child to his idol – Salman Khan, the Make A Wish Foundation India (Make A Wish) goes to great lengths to make the wishes and dreams of children come true. Make A Wish is driven not only by its amazing work through the years, but also by the heart wrenching story of the chapter’s founders, Uday and Gita Joshi.


Uday and Gita Joshi set up the Make a Wish after their personal experience with Make a Wish USA. Their young son Gandhar was diagnosed with leukemia and only agreed to go to America for treatment under the condition that they visit Disney World. Once the treatment began, the family was set on an emotional rollercoaster. Eventually, the doctors confirmed their worst fears and the family decided to return home. The Joshis did not have the financial means to fulfill their son’s wish of visiting Disney World – which is when Make a Wish USA stepped in. It was a trip the family never forgot. They saw their young son happy and strong despite his illness. Gandhar passed away a few weeks after returning to India. But the Joshis endeavoured to keep Gandhar’s memory alive by passing on what was done for them and granting the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses.


Make A Wish knows that for children, even small things leave a large impression. Deepak Bhatia, CEO of Make-A-Wish says that there are certain processes they’ve put in place to make the wish memorable for a child. It’s not just about buying a toy from a website. If a child wants a game, they ask her about her favourite games at home, hear her stories of playing with her siblings and then arrive at which particular toy might mean the most to her. While planning the gift, they pay attention to even innocuous things like when a child says she had always wanted to celebrate a birthday while wearing a pink dress! Other wishes include a request for a meeting with a police inspector, sportsperson or even a film star, all of which don’t cost much money.


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