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Veena was raised by her mother as her father had passed away when she was very young. The family could not even afford Veena’s education until the 10th standard and she was forced to drop out and find work to help her family. She chanced upon Unnati’s training programme, and after graduation was employed at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet for Rs. 7000 a month. In 2012, she became a manager at KFC earning approximately Rs. 1,80,000 annually.

The Indian job market often lets down hardworking and motivated youth like Veena. Born into economically underprivileged families, they don’t have access to the social networks and guidance that could help them provide for themselves and their families. The lack of a good college name, knowledge of English and even vernacular accents holds them back from scaling professional heights.

As millions of­ people enter the work force in India each year, only 60.6% of people looking for a job report being able to secure one. (Fifth annual Employment – Unemployment Survey 2015 – 2016). Underemployment is naturally exacerbated in the very low income communities, worsening their conditions, and perpetuating the poverty cycle.

Unnati is an NGO that has a unique solution to this pressing problem. They work with members of low income households (with incomes below 18,000 per month). Unnati trains them in trade skills like tailoring, guest services and administration after which they are guaranteed a job. Over the past 10 years, all of Unnati’s 5,000 alumni have managed to find jobs in various cities in India and abroad in companies like Asian Paints, Bata, J.P. Morgan, Croma and many more.

It's not just professional skills. Unnati also coaches their students in speaking English with confidence, and instils values of punctuality, dependability, and hard work.

The results are promising, with many stories like Veena’s. Suresh is one of Unnati’s most successful students, came from a poor farming family in Chikkabalapur. His family’s monthly income was approximately Rs. 2500. After graduating college Suresh moved to Bengaluru, and joined Unnati’s retail vocation course. 4 years later, Suresh’s hard work and ambition resulted in him earning a monthly salary of Rs. 50,000. After his training with Unnati, and his amazing work with different companies, Suresh earns 20 times his family’s income and was able to break from the poverty cycle.

Unnati alumni are extremely grateful to the organization, and speak of their desire to pay it forward. A former Unnati student even spends his weekends travelling to the Unnati training center and teaching current students. Another Unnati student has plans to open an orphanage and wants to ‘pay it forward’ in that way. Unnati boasts a 100% employment rate and has hundreds of testimonials on how much their students’ lives have been transformed because of this 50-day training program.

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