Here’s how you can help flood relief operations

Mother Nature does not smile on us all. This year, the floods have taken a slow but steady toll on villages everywhere from North East India to West Bengal, Bihar and even parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Hundreds have been killed and displaced, with more than 1 crore people affected.

The floods may be receding, but the real rebuilding work begins now. NGO Goonj.. has vast experience in responding to situations like this one. They’ve been part of every major disaster relief effort like the one in Jammu and Kashmir in 2014 and Chennai in 2015. They regularly help small villages off the map in Bihar and Orissa manage to survive the flooding that accompanies the monsoons every year.

Goonj.. is knee deep in rescue efforts in all the flood affected parts of the country through their ‘RAHAT’ programme. (You can see updates of their relief work on their Facebook page). They provide relief material family packs with basic supplies and also help communities rebuild their lives once the water levels have receded. A small donation from you will help them buy urgently required rations, supplies, clothes, medicines and other necessities required on the ground. It will also help towards paying for the significant transportation cost incurred in taking this material to various parts of the country.

Click here to donate.

Alternatively, you could donate the following supplies that Goonj.. will use while reaching out to beneficiaries:

  • Rice, pulses, spices, milk powder, sugar, tea leaves, biscuits
  • Tarpaulins and ropes
  • General utensils for cooking (3 or 5 ltr only, ISI marked)
  • Umbrellas and raincoats, mosquito nets, water purifier tablets
  • Slippers, buckets, mugs, toiletries, sanitary pads
  • Batteries, power banks

They have dropping off centres in cities across India. Look for a full list of centres here.

Contact Goonj.. directly:

Phone: 011-26972351, 41401216



Image source: Goonj

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