A wish for Independence Day

Freedom and independence are linked to each other in Indian history. We won freedom from the British, and became independent from their rule.  Today we have no external rulers, an open economy and relative prosperity that makes it easier to enjoy the gift of independence and freedom.

We have a lot to celebrate and be proud of. But Independence Day is also an occasion to look within and ask ourselves if all our fellow Indians are enjoying the same freedom and independence that we take for granted. We’re used to fighting an external enemy, but forget that evils like hunger, poverty and illiteracy still reign over many of our fellow countrymen. They keep talented, hard-working men and women from reaching the heights they should. Farmers working with their backs bent over fields, young girls with dreams in their eyes, athletes who want to do their country proud – they all face a barrier to living in the kind of world they deserve.

This Independence Day, let’s resolve to think of the other Indians around us. Those less privileged, less prosperous but no less deserving of the right to live a fulfilling life. We know that India will be fully free when her all citizens can live a safe, healthy and meaningful life. Our greatest achievement will be when we make this dream a reality. Happy Independence Day!

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