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Are you starting up in the social sector? Have a great idea but not sure how to get it off the ground? Entrepreneurs may know a lot of information about the sectors we choose to work in, but don't always know the best way to run an organisation and take it from strength to strength. What growth can you expect in the first two years? Are you creating a product that helps the person you want to help? What skills should your team have? You will definitely learn the answers to those questions the long way – by trial and error. There's no way around it. But you can be guided by a group of mentors, peers, entrepreneurs and investors who are familiar with your challenges. They may have been you ten years ago, funded an NGO that was just like you or know exactly what projects Foundations will back. To paraphrase Isaac Newton, you will learn a lot more very quickly, because you will have the advantage of standing on the shoulders of giants.

Apply to the N/Core incubator

N/Core is one option you should definitely consider. An idea of the people behind The/Nudge Foundation, N/Core is an incubator for nonprofits that exists to "nudge top talent to solve for India’s biggest challenges". N/Core provides resources (grants, co-working office), environment (culture of innovation and collaboration), and direction & support (mentors, partners) to early-stage nonprofit entrepreneuers to create large-scale impact.

Who are they looking for?

N/Core is is scouting for 20 exceptional high-potential early-stage nonprofit for N/Core alpha 2017.   is a one-of-its-kind incubator that exists to make nonprofit entrepreneurs succeed, wildly. 

What does the incubation support look like?

N/Core's first program N/Core alpha, in partnership with Social Alpha, is a 14-day immersion that will take place in Bangalore from 17 April. if selected, you'll learn hands-on from the most coveted mentors, take leaps towards building your idea and connecting with the right people and resources. 

They've got an amazing lineup of mentors and changemakers on board. You'll recognise some of the names on this list – Anshu Gupta of Goonj.., Madan Padaki of RubanBridge, Safeena Husain of Educate Girls, Matthew Spacie of Magic Bus and other industry stalwarts. Each day of the programme features talks by industry leaders like Amit Chandra of Bain Capital, Bhavish Agarwal of OlaCabs and many more achievers. Your own venture will be in good hands around people like this.

The incubation could also lead to

  • One year incubation support
  • Hands on guidance for upto 10 months

Who should apply?

Entrepreneurs who are building solutions to our social challenges and are 

  • incorporated or intend to incorporate as a section 8 company (nonprofit)
  • an early-stage startup (as early as ideas with a plan are also welcome)
  • working in an area of poverty (can be any theme from education, healthcare, financial inclusion, human rights, nonprofit ecosystem)

The last date to apply is 28th February 2017.

Learn more about N/Core alpha now!

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